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If you own a dog, please share.

Even if you don’t own a dog, please share

I want to repost my manager for harassment because that is exactly what she’s doing but at the same time I knows nothing will be done about it.

There is no reason to SCREAM into the radio. Just because you said something yesterday doesnt mean everyone today knows about it. It’s also not my fault the handhelds are not working and probably won’t work for at least another month. If she speaks to me like she did to Laura, i will walk out

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oh levi you pretty creep
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After so many Youtube poops and drawing that eye over and over again it’s finally finished. And I really need someone I can talk to about Nagisa in the ending theme animation for 48 hours straight.

Told my manager I may need to take a break from moving literally all the fleece because I’m allergic to the fixative and it gives me hives to which she said “I dont care” not so under her breath and walked away

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Artist: 嘿司
Anonymous said: Dmmd is actually a yaoi game XD aobaa fucks koujaku X33 hehe


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