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What happens if Koujaku came back during the Morphine Aoba phase?
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Painting aoba glove I cannot move my hand from this position for at least 15 minutes
Uh at 38 you should be listed as full time…. they can actually get in shit for that

Yeah i can also get in trouble too for working over 28 hours because if i average 28 hours or more a week they have to offer me health care through the company, though my 38 hours this week was apparently approved, even though the store manager know about those extra hours, seeing as she was trying to bump me up to 45 hr this week ._.

Say no?

I did xD I said i had plans and she was all like “but then only little old me will be there to take in the truck and i’ll have to stay lateeeeee” like yeah. thats your job. when stuff goes wrong you pick up the slack as the store manager.

stop calling me on my days off

I’m a part time working and I’m already working 38 hours this week

I move in 10 days and have had no time to pack anything because I keep getting called in

The extra money is awesome but if i’m apparently such a great worker maybe you should consider giving my a raise so i’m not literally the lowest paid employee 

pumikin said: Your baby twink costume is cute. I'm gonna pull your hair.

Yes pull my hair so prince charming will come save me

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What a gorgeous species.  I love the starlike effect from those lighter reflective scales.

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Baby twink is finished!
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