So i went to art class today. I was working on part of my portfolio, which generally had muted colors, orange-tans, teals, maroons and pinks, all done in watercolor. My teacher comes over and tells me to work on the background. So i do, making it a light bluegreen. She sees this, doesn’t like the color and paints it ELECTRIC BLUE and LIME FUCKING GREEN. It would be no problem to fix, if it wasn’t watercolor, unerasable, uncoverable watercolor. 

This has happened with three paintings so far. 

She will also come over some times and add more water to my painting, smearing the colors and blurring my lines. Everything looks like it was done by someone under 12.

Posted on August 15th at 1:20 AM
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  1. spookysarmisarn said: oh god I would have flipped the table over ;_____; that’s so painful.
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